The Bread and Butter Project

The Bread and Butter Project

Friday May 24, 2013 Written by wilfred

A new offshoot of Sydney's Bourke Street Bakery is helping communities in need by providing them with valuable skills – it's called The Bread and Butter Project.

Started by Paul Allam and David McGuiness from Bourke Street, the innovative program provides paid, 12-month long TAFE accredited traineeships to 12 recruits each year. Currently they are working with asylum seekers and refugees. Applicants are referred by an agency, such as the Migrant Resource Centre, and 100 per cent of the profits are reinvested in the project.

Allam and the rest of the board are giving their time and expertise for free. If you'd like to volunteer too, information can be found here. Or if you just wanna buy some bread, here is a list of stockists (including many weekly farmers markets). Buying some baked goods from Bread and Butter every week helps someone in need become a bread winner –and that is a very good thing.