Tuesday March 12, 2013 Written by chris

Since 2006, TED conferences have been making the internet so much smarter. Now its besuited orators are coming to Australia for TEDxSydney 2013, and Smith is very proud to be an event partner.

The TEDx program allows the conference to travel from beyond its Californian headquarters via a network of independently coordinated organisers. On May 4 this year Sydney will be hosting its own gathering at the Opera House.

Live speakers at TEDxSydney include Andrew Parker, a biologist changing the business world using colour, and Professor David Sinclair, who promises to alter the way we think about aging forever. Archaelogist Dr Alice Gorman will discuss searching for space junk and entrepreneur Danny Kennedy will talk about the power of dirty energy. In a series of food-themed talks, Associate Professor Bill Pritchard will talk about food security, while horticulturalist and entrepreneur Joost Bakker will discuss building revolutionary farms across city rooftops.

Just like the TED that YouTube has gotten to know so well, TEDxSydney will take place before a live audience of 2,200 at the Sydney Opera House concert hall and be simulcast to a worldwide audience online. Go into the ballot for a ticket here, and for more information on the program head to the TEDxSydney site here.

There's an interview with TEDxSydney's executive producer, Janne Ryan, in Smith volume six. Purchase a copy here. Find your closest stockist here, or subscribe here