Sunday Reading: The Gourmand

Sunday October 07, 2012 Written by tait

The Gourmand is a magazine about food, discussed by artists and made by designers. It's fun, bright and features popular arty people talking about food - from culinary trends in inner-city London to sloppy hamburgers at CalArts in LA. It has a bright yellow cover made from thick, textured stock, almost thick enough to use as a chopping board.


It's magazines like this that offer a new perspective on cooking and food, especially for men. If you grew up in a standard Australian household, your mum probably cooked dinner while dad watched the news. If you're a guy with that sort of heritage, you might not know how to cook very well (apart from the delicious cucumber sandwiches you learnt to construct in home economics).

The Gourmand promotes men cooking. When Dazed & Confused editor (and Gourmand contributor) Rod Stanley asks Raf Rundell, one half of hip-hop duo The 2 Bears, if he cooks a lot, his answer hits home. "Yeah, a fair bit. I used to work in a kitchen when I was a young man... It taught me common sense in the kitchen. People are really afraid of cooking, they don't get it... My granddad used to make duck a l'orange once a year - that was it. And my poor grandmother had been turning out meals for 40 years... and he does duck a l'orange one Sunday and that's all anyone talk about. That's typical man cooking." Seems all dudes have a dish. But The Gourmand suggests that maybe they need more than one.


It's a good example of a niche-interest art and design magazine. This year Sunday Reading has covered Kinfolk (food and community), Travel Almanac (cities and travel) and Offscreen (technology start-ups). There's lots of them around. And The Gourmand does it fairly well. As far as they go, the magazine is well made, curated and quite sexy, particularly the tarty red lips nibbling seafood on the cover.