Sunday Reading: Lists of Note (The Book)

Sunday October 26, 2014 Written by Kane

If you want to know what someone wanted someone else to know, read their letters. If you want to know what someone wanted themselves to know, read their lists. Which is a confusing way of saying the lists people write themselves are tiny capsules of their hopes, desires and failings. Which is why it'll be interesting indeed to crack the spine on Shaun Usher's Lists of Note.

A companion to its sibling book and website Letters of Note, it contains 125 fascinating lists, tenderly curated, lovingly facsimiled and generously presented. The list of lists is diverse, from a shopping list written by two 9th century Tibetan monks to advice for 'chick rockers' by Chrissie Hynde, and many more.

The book is available at Readings, and the website makes a nice companion if you're interested in Joan Didion's packing list, H. R. Giger's brief for designing the elements of Alien and F. Scott Fitzgerald's list of things to do with turkey leftovers. That's a lot to get through. You should write a list.

Top image: Epoxydude.