Sunday Reading: For You The Traveller

Sunday August 19, 2012 Written by smith

Now this is an interesting idea. Nabil Sabio Azadi has put together a book containing the names, numbers and stories of people who will welcome you into their home should you be in Iran, Norway or Wye River.

As an object, For You The Traveller is an intriguing thing. It's hand-bound in wood. Its cover is finished in (found) rabbit fir. Inside, each page is illustrated by the Melbourne-based Azardi and contains the details of people across five different continents who will offer you a room should you show up with a copy. 

Only 200 copies will be created and they'll cost $120 each, so it's definitely not the White Pages. And should you show up on a porch at the same time as a fellow traveller? Well, that's part of the adventure. Preorders here for delivery on October 29, 2012. All profits to Nouvelle Planete.