Thursday May 24, 2012 Written by Luke

Award-winning chef Ben Shewry (of famed Melbourne restaurant Attica), is a man who cares deeply about the provenance of his food.

When he was introduced to mussel farmer Lance Wiffin, head of the family-owned, ecologically-minded Port Phillip outfit Sea Bounty, the two hit it off, their shared passion for top quality, organic produce bridging the oft-ignored gap between those who grow our food and those who prepare it.

Filmmaker Johnny Abegg was on hand to capture the contours of this burgeoning friendship. In the five-minute long Spindrift he tells the story of how Wiffin gave a directionless Shewry new inspiration for his cooking, building an ethos founded on the principle that if we're going to put something into our mouths, we should probably think about where it came from.