Smokestack Lightning BBQ

Saturday November 26, 2011 Written by rick

The Americans have got it all wrong. Instead of spending $680 billion on their military muscles each year, roaming the globe bombing foreign soil, they should take all that cash and drop barbequed goods on everyone instead. Imagine the universal love and goodwill that would create?

Australians like to think they know how to work a grill, but let's be honest. No one does BBQ like our Yanky brothers and sisters. Not convinced? Why not book Smokestack Lightning BBQ to cater for your next backyard gathering. 

Smokestack does everything from succulent brisket (smoked with hickory for over 14 hours) to tender beer-can chickens. That's right, a whole bird cooked with an open can of beer inside.

The guys are currently working on a public event too; keep your eye on them here.