Strange Answers to The Psychopath Test

Monday September 17, 2012 Written by luke

Ronson's 2011 book The Psychopath Test was an exceptional piece of roving journalism. Taut, ambiguous, unnerving, goddamn funny. He's like the Louis Theroux of the literary world, his neurotic, bumbling charm somehow getting people who normally wouldn't (or shouldn't) talk to him to talk to him.

On the back of that, the good people at TED asked him to deliver a talk on his findings earlier this year. The results are a most peculiar speech, one where the sound design and oddball visuals start to make you feel like you might actually be a little bit insane, but given that Ronson is interested in the imprecise nature of something as ironclad yet difficult to define as psychopathy, well, it seems apt.