Pates Tapes: Music to read by

Friday September 14, 2012 Written by jonty

In volume four we had a yarn to Charles Pates of Pates Tapes, who is digitising and streaming his entire mixtape collection for your listening pleasure.

Pates's musical know-how was so impressive we thought we'd follow up and ask him what mixtape we should read the latest issue by, and why. His response and a link to the tunes are below. He even rejigged the playlists on his site to suit the issue...

"I can't have lyrics dancing about the place when I'm reading, because I have a tendency to think about the cut: when it was released, where I was when I first heard it, what label it was on, what was the B side... you get the picture. When reading you don't want all that nonsense interfering with the images that an author is trying to transmit. I therefore tend to select the SUNSET or CAFE mixes because they are 99 per cent instrumental. For Smith readers I've moved three tapes to the front of the SUNSET section, and I'll leave them there for a couple of weeks before I start shifting them about again. All the tapes in this section will work, but for those new to the site these three are especially conducive to this scholarly synapse. I think I have to go lay down... happy reading." Play this now please.

There's a small article on Pates Tapes in Smith volume four. Find your closest stockist here, buy volume four here, or subscribe here.