Not From Here

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Not From Here

Thursday January 23, 2014 Written by Rick

This post is supported by Corona.

Not long ago, the case could have been made that the beer selection down the pub was a somber reflection of the general population – a dark beer, a bit of stuff from Europe, but mostly pale Australian lagers, unchanged for generations.

Now, like the broader range of people that make this country great, German wheat beers sit next to English special bitters, American pale ales beside Japanese stouts and even the local stuff has become more refined and interesting.

Of all the new arrivals, one of the most popular in the last few years has been Mexico's Corona. With its easy-drinking style and clear bottle – which invites you to gaze on the golden liquid sloshing around inside – it's easy to understand why.

Corona always makes you wish you were sitting on a beach somewhere and there's nothing more Australian than that.