Morning at John's

Friday July 06, 2012 Written by smith

Dropping in at John Hounslow-Robinson's place is like calling on an old mate... even if you've just met.

Following the article in Smith volume three, we spent a morning with the knife-maker at his home workshop on a bush block in Longley, Tasmania. In between pulling potatoes from the garden, talking about home-smoked bacon and looking at his new projects, which include Game of Thrones-style hand-linked chain mail, we talked a lot about knives. 

John's hand-forged damascus blades are embedded with the quality of their maker. And getting to hold the raw materials in hand (the bandsaw and steel, the wood and bone handles and the meticulously sanded sheaths) is a pretty special thing.

All this handiwork will be on display at an exhibition in January 2013 down the road from his place at the Longley pub. Both John's knives and his home-cured meats will be on the tables. His old mate Tetsuya is coming along to cut the ribbon too. Sign up to The Cutler's Gallery e-newsletter to stay in touch.

There's a full feature on John Hounslow-Robinson in Smith volume three. You can find your closest stockist here, buy volume three here, or subscribe here.