Least Helpful

Wednesday February 01, 2012 Written by nadia

Least Helpful is a glorious site full of hilarious 'daily dispatches' from the internet's most frustrated reviewers. Take this cracker response to Steinbeck's Tortilla Flat from 'J. Herron' as an example:

Title: Who cares about a bunch of drunks?
By: J. Herron

"Plot: Guy inherits 2 houses. He gets drunk. His drunk friends burn down one house. They all move into the other house. they invite more drunks in to live. All their money goes for jug wine. They also spend lots of time in jail, or begging for food. Anyone who doesn't want to blow money on wine either gets beat up or called a 'Jew'. At the end the house burns down. This is meant to be entertaining?"

Yes, yes sir it is.

Image: We Heart It