Inside Smith Journal volume three

Wednesday June 13, 2012 Written by smith

Clandestine ingenuity: there's a lot of it in Smith volume three, and it starts with the home made tattoo gun on the cover.

Prisons all over the world ban the use of tattoo equipment, but the culture of inking inside the big house has continued unabated thanks to an invention made from a bent toothbrush, a bit of wire and a toy motor among other things. Our cover story looks at this specific culture and how it recently found its way outside. 

Artists and makers feature throughout. We meet a guy who's constructed a massive wet-plate camera inside an International Box Van, the designer behind the Wilkinson Sword razor and the illustrator who sketched out Star Wars, inspiring a generation of sci-fi dreamers.

From building things up to pulling them apart: photographer Todd McLellan disassembles and shoots an old radio and a Super-8 camera especially for the mag. Sound enthusiast Holger Neumann breaks down the process of making vinyl inside one of the last factories in Europe, and four guys - a harpooner, a surgeon, a boxer and an archeologist - tell us what they've carried and held with their own two hands.

We learn about some of the world's most regretted inventions (including the A-bomb, ecstasy and Comic Sans), try to get our heads around buying virtual real estate and find out what the Freemasons get up to - according to someone who's been half naked inside the lodge.

There's a lot to think about too. Scientist and environmental activist David Suzuki writes about 10 things he believes, media theorist Steven Berlin Johnson pinpoints where good ideas come from and social entrepreneur Simon Griffiths explains how beer and toilet paper could change the world. That's a lot of it, but not all of it. Pick up a copy and get stuck in.