Herr Blick

Monday July 16, 2012 Written by luke

Steven Blick isn't your regular, everyday hairdresser. For one, he has Samuel Beckett as a mascot. For another, he despises most other salons.

To Blick, modern-day hairdressers represent the nadir of the relationship between barber and client; glossy, impersonal experiences designed to make you feel worse on the other side.

After 25 years in the game, he'd had enough. So, Herr Blick was born – an independent, easy-going, straight down the line hairdresser up the Paris end of Collins Street in Melbourne where the focus is on one thing, and one thing only: the pure and traditional art of working with hair. Simple, refined and meticulous are the watchwords, and Blick is a master of his craft. But having just been inducted into the ranks of the Leading Salons of the World – the only Australian hairdresser to have received the honour – a session with Herr Blick could soon be a very in-demand experience indeed.