Fast Boy Cycles

Friday June 29, 2012 Written by adam

Ezra Caldwell is Fast Boy Cycles, a New York frame builder who can create a custom frame that rides as good as it looks.

After measuring your height, arms and legs, Ezra will braze a frame together from high quality steel, which will fit so well, and ride so comfortably you'll never want to swing your leg over another. 

Ezra has built tourers, racers, mountain bikes and cross-city commuters, each a picture of pared-back simplicity that belie their functionality. 

In 2008, Ezra was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. He continued to build his frames throughout a gruelling treatment, documenting the process on his blog. Thankfully, he's now in remission and continues to focus on building bikes that last. 

Adam Leddin worked as a bike courier in Sydney for seven years and is now the editor of Cycle EXIF. His site showcases classic, custom and handmade bikes, and the stories of people who build and ride them.