Saturday July 07, 2012 Written by luke

The lot of the Australian Tour de France tragic is a lonely one. The nights spent awake until two or three in the morning, alone in the lounge room, watching men with thighs the size of Alsatians power up 50 degree inclines, already mentally preparing excuses for your boss as to why you need to have a nap under your desk the next day.

Melbourne collective The Shadow Electric is putting an end to that with their new Tour de France pop-up bar, Domestique. Every Thursday to Sunday night from July 5 through to July 20 when the cyclists finally ride into Paris, Domestique will be taking over Thornbury's Nest Coworking space at 829 High Street, offering Xanadu wines, Moritz beers, bread, olives, cheese, a big screen, comfortable chairs and, of course, 24-hour inside bike parking. Consider it your own personal peloton.