Cheese Club

Monday July 09, 2012 Written by Rob

Most clubs are generally awkward. Some have strange rituals, some have special handshakes, some promote bovine blokeyness and some spend all their money on newsletters. But not the Bruny Island Cheese Club.

This club's only rituals are turning over the cheddar wheels every day, their code of behaviour is a curiosity for discovering new tastes, and their newsletter comes in the form of a one-kilogram cheese, delivered from the island to your door in a specially designed cool box. Naturally, being in a club does mean you'll be keeping others out, but at Cheese Club this just means that eight times a year you'll be sampling cheeses exclusive to members only. Cheese wheel for president!

Nick Haddow from Bruny Island Cheese Co. told us how to make cheese in Smith volume three. You can find your closest stockist here, buy volume three here, or subscribe here.