Alan's place

Friday April 06, 2012 Written by Nadia

Meet Alan Hill, the lone resident and current custodian of Detroit's Packard Automotive Plant, a one-time hub of the luxury car industry.

The factory went bust in 1956 and was used by a mishmash of industries thereafter; trucking companies, theatre prop storage, even a shoe manufacturer took up shop until the late 1990s when everyone was booted out.

Today Alan and his dogs are the sole residents of the cavernous 40-acre plant. It's their job to keep the premises – littered with beat up cars, forgotten furniture and abandoned machinery – secure and safe. Despite the lack of running water or modern facilities the factory suits Alan's purposes just fine. He gets to park his car in his house for starters.

This short flick by the guys at Lost & Found films takes us inside and through Alan's home, which he reckons is "like having a farm, with a roof over it".