The Dull Men’s Club

Sunday December 03, 2017

Finally: a club for dull men (and the dull women who appreciate them). PS. 'Born to be Mild', the short film about the club (below) is well worth a view. 

16 Smithy Christmas Gift Ideas

Friday December 01, 2017

Merry Smithmas. Here's our list of everything you and, ahem, your loved ones might quite like to receive in 25 days' time. (Yes, 25.)

Lovers of all things digestible: we’re hosting a series of hands-on talks and masterclasses with some of Australia’s best food and beverage makers – and we’re giving tickets away, too!

Take out a subscription to Smith before Christmas – for you or someone you love – and get a digital Christmas stocking. 

For years the world mocked us for our national spread. But now these top chefs are getting all fancy with Vegemite – and you can too.    

Clue: it’s to do with fulfilling a biblical prophecy.

Volume 25 is Coming

Thursday November 23, 2017

Want to get your hands on a copy extra early? Pre-ordering is your friend.

Each year nearly 20,000 people on a small Spanish island share tables, chairs and food for a communal dinner. Bags not doing the dishes.

Boiling 1.5 million kettles at the same time will do that to you.

It’s English like you’ve never heard it before: isolated fishing communities near North Carolina speak a dialect that's hardly changed in 250 years. See if you can understand them in this short film.