Love him or loathe him – or both – there's no denying that Julian Assange has reformatted the way we understand journalism and international diplomacy in the digital age.

Richard Dawkins comes to town

Tuesday April 10, 2012

Fresh from bloodying George Pell on last night's Q&A, Darwinian provocateur Richard Dawkins is appearing in both Sydney and Melbourne to discuss his new book The Magic of Reality.

One second every day

Monday April 09, 2012

When Cesar Kuriyama turned 30 he did what most 30 year olds don't: quit his job and started filming his life, for one second, every day.

Alan's place

Friday April 06, 2012

Meet Alan Hill, the lone resident and current custodian of Detroit's Packard Automotive Plant, a one-time hub of the luxury car industry.

Cooking the book

Friday April 06, 2012

If you told these guys you'd cooked their books they wouldn't run for the tax office, they'd sit at the table licking their lips.

Talking heads

Tuesday April 03, 2012

We fluctuate between wanting to burn down the internet and loving its broad-banded guts here at Smith; most of the sweeter moments happen in front of TED.

Building the Opera House

Monday March 19, 2012

Steve Tsoukalas has spent the last 45 years looking after a national icon. He glances back over the years on the eve of its 39th anniversary.

Smith volume two review, by Frank

Saturday March 17, 2012

Frank, 57, is a judge, which means he’s no sap when it comes to making decisions. We asked him to weigh-up the evidence and share his thoughts about Smith volume two.

Smith volume two review, by Bruce

Thursday March 15, 2012

Meet Bruce, 56, he's a biomedical engineer, mad inventor, entrepreneur, cauliflower hater and the latest Smith volume two reviewer.

Smith is now on the racks and in the hands of good folks everywhere. We figured we'd throw out a few copies to some wiser guys, men who have been there and done that. First up is Phil, 71, mechanic: