The tagline for new magazine Modern Farmer is "Farm. Food. Life." But that doesn't really tell the story. It's about farming like Mad Men is about advertising; it goes deeper, wider and weirder than its brief.

How the mail works

Saturday May 04, 2013

Ever wanted to know how your mail gets from A to B? You could ask your postman. Or you could do what this industrious guy did and secretly film the whole thing.

Today there are more brewers making more styles of beer than at any time in history. Many give their beers entertaining names too…

The small range of beers from Sydney's Pinchgut Brewing Co. are all well worth trying, but their latest release, Monty's Noble Ale, is also for a good cause.

Come and work with us

Tuesday April 23, 2013

Please step into our office which (in a perfect world) looks exactly like this picture. In reality there is a trestle table and a bit of mess, but there are also some really good people around.

The internet cops a lot of flack for destroying the publishing industry. It may be a fair charge on an economic level, but it doesn’t really add up on a literary one: the amount of writing available at our fingertips has never been greater.

Thank God Christian Skovdal Andersen is a better brewer than artist. Sure, the Dane's self-penned labels have a certain charm – not least the inappropriate Malus Pater – but they won't end up in the Louvre.

Cup o' Joe: Code Black

Monday April 15, 2013

Every month Cup o’ Joe will get behind the cooker with one of Australia’s best roasters and ask them to spill the beans.

Quiet Deeds just won the people's choice for 'Best Pale Ale' at a recent microbreweries do in Melbourne. Considering how many pale ales are out there at the moment, this is a humbling acknowledgement.

Off The Shelf

Tuesday April 09, 2013

Technology allows us to browse an infinite amount of publications. Those clever tablets even give you a satisfying 'flick' sound when you turn the page. But there's something to be said for standing in front of a shelf and... you know... flicking through real pages.