And the terrible consequences that occur once you do.

Writer Brian Phillips had a bad year. So, he took off on a road trip through the desert in search of UFOs, his sanity and the American Dream.

The live-streaming couple just welcomed some new chicks to the family.

Spring’s not all sunshine and picnics – it’s also cowering in constant fear of swooping magpies. This interactive map is here to help.

Comedian Ben McLeay asks: does choosing to live by yourself makes you a loner, or just very sane?

Pelle Cass creates the world's most hectic sports games. 

This beef broth is older than VHS, ‘Jaws’ and Angelina Jolie.

He burned his last pair of jeans when he was 14 and never looked back.

We know it doesn’t sound exciting. But trust us: it’s exciting.

Volume 31 is Out Now

Monday June 03, 2019

Grab your government issue water ration and slip on your gas mask: Smith Journal volume 31 is going underground.