Eat Like a Nobel Prize Winner

Wednesday January 22, 2020 Written by Kate

If you're ever in Stockholm pining for reindeer, Chesterfield consommé or braised snow-hen in juniper berries, see if you can snag a table at Stadshuskällaren.

You'll find it in the basement of city hall, where you can choose from decades of menus served to Nobel Peace Prize winners and other luminaries at the yearly Nobel Banquet. Diners can select a menu from every year since 1922, when attendees were served niçoise, asparagus and apricot parfait. But you'll have to notify the kitchen at least a week in advance.

Though no year is more popular than any other, the restaurant's co-owner told Smithsonian mag that visitors often choose a menu of particular significance to them, like the year they were born or the year attended by their hero. If you're a fan of French existentialism, for example, you can opt for the menu from 1964, when Jean-Paul Sartre sat down to a meal that included foie gras, waldorf salad and peaches in Grand Marnier.