The Colourful Motortaxi Drivers of Nairobi

Tuesday January 21, 2020 Written by Kate

Round these parts, we're quite unlikely to see our Uber or taxi festooned with images of Bob Marley or Manchester United swag. In Nairobi, however, where boda boda motortaxis are a faster, cheaper alternative, drivers adorn their bikes with bright colours and pop culture references to attract customers. 

Though boda boda drivers don't usually dress up to match their choppers, a new photoseries gives them a chance to shine. Boda Boda Madness is a collaboration between Dutch photographer Jan Hoek and Ugandan-Kenyan fashion designer Bobbin Case, who designed elaborate outfits for a photoshoot around the streets of Nairobi. Hoek told Bored Panda that the drivers they worked with were pretty pleased with the outcome of their wardrobe makeovers. 

“Most of them still drive around like this," he said. 

Hoek and Case's project is part of the exhibition Now Look Here: The African Art of Appearance, which opens in Amsterdam on January 25.