How to Harvest a Christmas Tree

Monday December 09, 2019 Written by Kane

Who'd have thought the Christmas tree industry would be so high-stakes? Trees are for placing ornaments on and presents under, not cut-throat deals and military air strikes.

But if you’re going to reap 6.4 million living things from the fertile ground of Oregon’s Willamette Valley inside a brief, high-pressure month in the depths of winter, it’s bound to be an industry. The most precious totem of woozy holiday romance is still an economic product, no matter how many baubles are hung from it.

This article on Mashable digs into the industry and turns up tonnes of chicken manure, fleets of obstreperous squirrels, a visionary B–24 bomber pilot and devil-may-care helicopter pilots in an year-round industry which only makes money 35 days per annum.

And if you still don't believe that the job is hair-raisingly dangerous, just watch this video of a helicopter harvesting trees. Makes Santa's sleigh seem like a sensible transport option.