A Farewell to Smith Journal

Wednesday December 04, 2019 Written by Smith

It’s the last call, guys. That’s right: after 33 glorious, high-GSM editions, Smith Journal is closing down the printing press (figuratively speaking – we don’t own any actual printing presses).

Smith may be closing, but we refuse to go down without a fight – or at least, without a drink. To that end, we’re throwing a shindig to celebrate the launch of volume 33, and the memory of the 32 volumes that came before it. And you’re all invited.

Expect some laughs, a few conspicuously held-back tears, and free beer. And not just any free beer: we’ve joined forces with Burnley Brewing to create The Last Call – a bespoke Smith brew that tastes faintly of thwarted dreams (and quite strongly of mangoes). You can also get your mitts on copies of the new issue.

Hope to see you there.


The Shady Lady. 36 Johnston St, Fitzroy

Thursday December 5

6pm till late

Head to our Facebook event page to RSVP.