Smith Journal: Now Available in Beer Form

Monday December 02, 2019 Written by Smith

If Smith Journal were a beer, it’d be a triple-hopped porter. Or maybe a smoky Rauchbier. It’d be dark and heavy, at any rate, to match our dark and heavy disposition.

“Delicious, though hardly seasonally appropriate.” That’s what Burnley Brewing told us when we started brewing together. They suggested we go for something brighter, to better complement the hot summer sun we’d be drinking it under. So we proposed a hazy New England IPA, which is bright and kind of juicy. Problem solved.

Or so we thought: at this point the brewers – mad scientists, really – suggested we up the juice factor by adding a few actual mangoes to the recipe, along with some oats, to create what they assured us would be "a fuller-bodied, silky mouthfeel". And we said, “Sounds great,” and then we all got to work actually brewing the thing. And then we tasted it, and by god were we happy with the fruits – literal and figurative – of our labour.

We name it The Last Call, on account of how this current issue of Smith Journal is also the last issue of Smith Journal. (RIP.) It’s available at Burnley Brewing, as well as The Shady Lady in Fitzroy, where we're hosting this week's last-ever launch party. You can also find it on tap at Melbourne venues The Alehouse Project, Cherry Tree Hotel, Whitehart and Grape and Grain

Get in while it lasts, and pour one out for Smith.