This Website Literally Lets You Watch Grass Grow

Tuesday November 26, 2019 Written by Smith

As we type this, 13 people are watching grass grow on a front lawn somewhere in America. Don’t ask us why. The website is It’s literally a live stream of a man’s suburban lawn and appears to have been fashioned using some form of primitive MySpace technology. This might actually be the case: has been steadily growing since 2006.

The site is run by ‘Mr Grass’, who seems to be an entirely average American with a lot of pride in his lawn. You can jump online to check out the current state of the grass, hang around and watch it grow, even browse ancient grass archives to see how this particular bit of lawn has matured over the years. There’s a helpful music widget too, which plays a non-stop loop of (you guessed it) bluegrass.

The idiom ‘watching grass grow’ means something teeth-pullingly boring, but this strange project feels more meditative than annoying. It’s the original Slow TV. In some ways, the slowest possible TV. At least until Mr Grass comes up with some follow-up experiments. Stay tuned for