Melbourne’s Peregrine Falcons are the Reality TV Stars Australia Needs

Monday September 30, 2019 Written by Smith

Falcon G

Magpies have dominated the bird discourse this spring, but a pair of peregrine falcons is threatening to (ahem) knock them off their perch.

The couple became minor celebrities back in 2017 when a webcam was installed outside their nest on the 33rd floor of 367 Collins Street, in Melbourne’s CBD. (Falcons had been nesting at the site since at least 1991.)

Their star rose again this September when members of the 367 Collins Falcon Watchers Facebook group spotted the addition of four eggs to the nest; since then the group has watched the family-in-waiting with the kind of devotion usually reserved for reality TV. That dedication paid off this weekend when it was announced that at least three of the eggs had hatched. (There is some dispute between members about the fate of the final egg.)

The webcam has since captured the proud parents doing the sorts of things proud parents usually do: doting on their young, attempting in vain to grab a wink of sleep, and viciously dismembering pigeons for food.

It’s a joyous occasion (well, not for the pigeons), though viewers are advised not to get too attached to the hatchlings just yet. Last year’s chicks died, possibly after eating poisoned pigeon caught by their parents. Here's hoping these guys fare better. We could do with some feelgood TV in 2019.

You can keep track of the family below: