This Interactive Map Will Help You Survive Swoop Season

Tuesday September 17, 2019 Written by Smith

Spring’s not all sunshine and picnics – it’s also cowering in constant fear of swooping magpies. Luckily this interactive map is here to help protect us.

Aptly titled MagpieAlert, the site allows users (read: defenceless victims) to upload information about the location of aggressive birds onto a Google Map, so other users can make informed decisions about never leaving the house again. 

MagpieAlert also offers safety tips on how to deal with or avoid being swooped, stories and reviews where users can debate whether placing cable ties on your bike helmet actually deters attacks (the consensus seems to be no), and a section on statistics, where all our bloody encounters are converted into terrifying pie-charts and graphs.

Given that we’re just a few weeks into spring, it’s startling to note that the site’s injury counter is already over the 200 mark. That might only be a small fraction of the total number of attacks (over 1800), but until the counter reads zero, MagpieAlert will still have its work cut out for it.