Is This the Worst-Ever Game of Gridiron?

Monday August 12, 2019 Written by James

football top

We get an existential migraine just looking at these. But you can relax – what you’re seeing isn’t real. Well, not exactly.

Pelle Cass is a Boston-based photographer who takes pictures of local sporting games. Many, many pictures actually. As many as 5000 per match. Pelle sets up a tripod and DSLR in a fixed position before the game, then shoots thousands upon thousands of images during the play, freeze-framing the match at 5000 different points.

After that it’s just a casual 80 hours in Photoshop, combing through each frame, picking out certain players or members of the crowd, clipping them and pasting them onto one field.

The end result looks like a football game in hell. Thousands of players, balls, referees and spectators, moving, ducking, flying, jumping and running all over the place. It’s like Where’s Wally meets Superbowl Sunday. Our inner referee is rocking in a corner somewhere.

"A friend told me I'm depicting Dionysian chaos," Cass told Wired. "I like to repeat that, because it captures what I'm going for."