The Pot of Soup That's Been Going For 45 Years

Wednesday July 24, 2019 Written by toby


In 1974, Richard Nixon became the only ever US president to resign; worse, many people thought wearing velour jumpsuits was acceptable; and a Bangkok restaurant chucked a large pot of soup on the burner. There have been eight US presidents since then and countless other horrible jumpsuit variations, but that soup is still cooking and still being served to adoring customers, many of whom are younger than the thing they’re slurping.


Great Big Story shot a short video that takes a close whiff of family-run business Wattana Panich’s ancient beef noodle soup, or neua tuna, which also comes with fresher, less old servings of stewed beef, raw sliced beef, meatballs, tripes and other internal organs. It looks delicious, but equally impressive is what looks like a volcanic crater rim surrounding the pot – 45 years’ worth of broth spillover.