The 25-Year-Old Brit Who Wears Period Clothing Every Day

Saturday July 20, 2019 Written by Kate

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It’s now perfectly acceptable for 20-something men to don a bomber jacket and call it fashion. But the dandies that came to prominence in early 19th century Britain paid fastidious attention to their wardrobes. Influenced by socialite Beau Brummel (who died penniless of syphilis-induced insanity), young men of leisure in the Regency period spent time and money ensuring they had immaculately tailored suits, crisp linen shirts and elaborately tied cravats.  

Though men’s clothing in 2019 still has echoes of the trends Brummel inspired, there is one dapper 25-year-old in London who prefers a more literal interpretation of the style. In this BBC video, Zack Macleod Pinsent says he burned his last pair of jeans when he was 14, and has never looked back. He dresses like a Regency gentleman everyday, and claims not to own any modern clothing.  

As he puts it: “I never had the wish to dress normally. I did that for so many years, and I hated it. So what’s the point, once evolved?” 

Zack, who chronicles his sartorial adventures on Instagram, has also turned his style into a business. He now hand-sews historical clothing for people who want hand-made outfits from the 1660s to the 1920s. One New York client recently asked for an 18th-century banyan – a glamorous dressing gown for wealthy men. 

If you’ve always wanted to look like Mr Darcy but have doubts about whether you could pull off a high-necked colour or ruffle coat, check out these pics of Zack doing it with aplomb. 

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