This Footage of a Man Skipping Stones Has Blown Our Tiny, Pebble-Sized Minds

Tuesday July 02, 2019 Written by Smith

Recently, footage emerged online of a man skipping rocks on a lake. It was posted to Twitter by the dubiously named (and dubiously curated) account @Mens_Corner (what, women don’t like rock skipping?) before being retweeted some 47,000-plus times by a veritable bunch of nobodies. And now it’s up on the Smith Journal blog because, frankly, it might be the most mind-blowing rock-skipping video we’ve ever seen, and everyone should have the opportunity to bask in its physics-defying glory.

Also – and this is very important – the guy has swagger:

Who is this man? We have no idea. Where is he from? Japan, we think. (A cursory search of the video's watermark suggests the footage may come from NHK World-Japan, the international wing of Japan’s public broadcaster.) How do you skip a stone for more than a few bounces? Magic, probably.

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