Smith’s 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Friday August 24, 2018 Written by Smith

Father’s Day is alarmingly close, but there’s still time to ensure your place as Most Favoured Child show him you care. How? By buying him any of the below last-minute gifts.

Father's Day gift guide

(Clockwise from top left)

1. It’s the thought that counts, and nothing says ‘thoughtful’ like a minimalist-yet-witty Father’s Day card that manages to be both a Star Wars reference and a self-evidently true statement of fact.

2. Chances are your dad already has a rain jacket. But does he have a rain jacket as sleek and practical as the ones made by Danish rainwear company Rains? Unlikely.

3. Whisky is classic Dad Drink, and these double-walled, hand-blown whisky glasses from Norlan are worthy receptacles of the top shelf stuff. They’re designed to reduce ethanol intensity and send the spirit’s aromatics right to the nose, but if that’s too highfalutin for your old man, you can just tell him they look nice.

4. Could your old man do with a meditative pastime? Is his cutlery draw not as bespoke as it could be? Kill two birds with one handcrafted stone by gifting him this DIY Japanese spoon-carving kit from the folk at Compendium. They also have a knife kit, if sharp objects are more his style.

5. Hemp-based clothing might seem a bit ‘Nimbin’, but these plant-dyed threads from Spirit Natural Clothing are so hardy and un-hippy-like, Dad won’t even know how good they are for the planet – he’ll just think they’re great pants.

6. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to buy your dad a house for Father’s Day. These build-’em-yourself model homes from the Little Building Company should be more in your price range. The series includes Aussie architectural designs from terraces to Queenslanders through to full-blown Opera Houses.

7. Dad might like his mass-produced lagers just fine, but why not treat him to something more sophisticated (or just downright weird) this Father’s Day? New Zealand’s Garage Project makes booze out of everything
from oysters to volcanic rocks, and are now stocked across the country.

8. We have it on good authority that your old man enjoys a good read. At under $50 for a year’s worth of mags, a 12-month Smith Journal subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. (If we do say so ourselves.)