Seven Unique Smithy Things to Have and to Hold

Friday March 09, 2018 Written by Smith

Beetle Opener

Just as a small moose can make for a good hatstand and the 
right brand of owl a nice feather duster, some species of beetle can serve as surprisingly handy bottle-openers. Simply find yourself a good rhinoceros beetle, position its horns flush with your bottle lid, prise gently... and huzzah! You can now get drunk. Alternatively, spare yourself (and the beetle) the trouble
by purchasing one of these
 zinc alloy beetle-shaped bottle openers from Spanish studio Doiy 

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On Board

It’s true that few serious skaters would consider hanging MoMA’s Andy Warhol soup can skateboards on their wall. Still, they sure do look pretty. Furthermore, you could bet that Andy himself would cosign the production of his (already mass-manufactured) art onto arguably the most functional cultural object of our time. Hopefully, he would also get behind the fact that the proceeds go to Skateistan, an NGO that uses skateboarding and art to support youth in developing countries. It’s all conjecture, though – because he’s dead. $200 

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A Sauce We Just Had to Shoyo

Shoyu is essentially Japanese for soy sauce – but there are subtle differences in the processes of fermentation and ingredients used. For instance, most shoyu is made from wheat, which gives the sauce a sweeter taste than Chinese soy sauce, but isn’t so good for gluten-intolerant types. This particular shoyu is brewed using a traditional method of fermentation involving a special type of mould, which is then cold-smoked using Japanese oak. Oh, one more thing: this one is typically used as a finishing shoyu rather than as a cooking shoyu. $45

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A Map

To be found amidst the pages of one very fine publication known as Smith Journal – volume 26, to be precise. 

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This is a Knife

Few situations are more satisfying than being in want of a blade and happening to have
one about your person. This one is inspired by traditional Japanese folding knives, and is guaranteed to make you appear both stylish and perpetually prepared. $169

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 A Bright Idea

For centuries, the caffeine-guzzling world has been divided into two camps: coffee drinkers and tea drinkers. Of course, the real world isn’t quite so binary. Take cascara, a sweet, tea-like drink made from the fruit of the coffee tree. Is it coffee, or tea? Hard to say. One thing we do know: it’s delicious. Australian company Bright Provisions is in the business of making it even delicious-er. Their Cascara Shrub adds apple cider vinegar and cane sugar. Mix it with soda water for a refreshing burst of citrus, or pair it with gin or dry vermouth for a refreshing, lightly caffeinated cocktail. $26

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Cultural Baggage

Growing up in Yugoslavia, Balázs Lakatos wore
a lot of the colourful polyester fashion that was characteristic of the state in the ’70s. When the now Budapest-based designer launched YKRA with his wife Judit in 2012, he applied the loud and proud palette of his youth to more earthy materials – cotton canvas, leather, nickel-plated buckles – resulting in a backpack that is so bright it could almost function as an emergency beacon, while not looking like absolute rubbish. ~$220

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