16 Smithy Christmas Gift Ideas

Friday December 01, 2017 Written by suzi

It's always a risky business putting together a listicle of gift ideas... so the way we approached this was to ask ourselves: what are some special things we would quite like to discover under the tree? That applies to almost everything on here, except for maybe the DIY Will Kit. That goes in the Sensible and Unsatisfying Gift category, alongside socks, car fresheners and a Defensive Driving Course gift voucher (which one of our fathers may or may not have gifted us one year, shortly after we scored our P-plates). There's something here for every budget, but if you're on a zero-budget Christmas, keep your eyes out for a follow-up blog next week which will run you through some nifty things you can make for your people.


A Self-Cleaning Fish Tank

Now that Channel 31 no longer have their mesmerising live fish tank for us to stare at during their non-broadcast hours, you might just need to buy the real thing. Also, we admire anything that’s self-cleansing. From Urban Green Farms. $399 

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Eat Me Chutney

A chutney for every taste bud: from organic tomato and kaffir lime to cherry and clove pickle, you can buy a jar of tasty goodness or nab a gift voucher if you’re not sure which horse to back. $12

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Wooden Pencil Holderer

A desk friend for those of you who still have friends who still use pencils and pens. Also comes in black. $49

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frankiexSJ A

Gift Subscription to Two Excellent Magazines

For the curious one in your life, you could take out a nifty Smith Journal subscription – a thoughtful gift that requires little thought and it’s just $47.50 for a year. And/or for the creative and crafty one, you could add a frankie subscription to our sister magazine for $59.50. Also – we're throwing in a special digital stocking alongside each of those subscriptions if you snap them up before Dec 25.

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A Tailor-Made Solar System Poster

You can order a colour poster (or t-shirt, or silver memento) that uses NASA data to reproduce the solar system coordinates of your loved one’s exact birthday. (We blogged about that here.) From $35 

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Trusco Toolbox

Whether you fill it with sandwiches, stationery or actual tools, this sturdily built box, made in Japan, will see you right. It has a collapsible handle and a peaked lid, for extra storage. $135

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A DIY Will Kit

OK, so it’s a controversial present but at least it’ll be a conversation-maker (or an ice-breaker) on Christmas Day. Nothing like preparing your loved ones for all contingencies. Choice has reviewed five kits that span $4.50 to $30. 

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A Thoroughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport

Described as “Part history, part social commentary and a lot of nonsense”, it covers AFL, rugby, the Olympics and much more. Written by Titus O’Reily, “Australia’s least insightful sports writer”. $34.99


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Status Anxiety Audrey Pool Purse

We heart Status Anxiety purses, wallets, bags and all the things, really. They have free shipping in Australia and New Zealand.  This purse is $110 and comes in other colours too. 


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taco square

The Vulgar Chef E-Cookbook

Remember him? We blogged about him a few months back – he’s the guy who created spaghetti in meat bowls, French fry burger taco and cinnamon toast crunch bacon bars, among many other disgusting things. For the princely sum of $5 you could buy an e-book containing Vulgar Chef’s greatest hits for someone you literally wished ill upon. 

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American Gods Season 1 DVD

Something for Neil Gaiman fans, this series is based on the international best-selling novel. American Gods follows Shadow Moon as he embarks on a road trip across America with the enigmatic conman Mr. Wednesday. Intrigued? Buy it for someone you dig and invite yourself over to watch. $29.95 

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Allpress Christmas Blend Coffee

Allpress are known for their ‘hot air roasting’ which is said to enable the unique character of every bean to shine through. Try their Christmas blend which promises to leave you with a cocoa and sweet spice finish – like hot chocolate and a mince pie all wrapped up in a cup of coffee. $15 for 250g. 

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Ghost Outdoors Hammock

This rope-and-blankie packs down into a lightweight bag the size of your hand so you can carry it with you and string it up anywhere – between street signs whilst waiting for a bus, or between a couple of gums if you’re out bush. $79

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Locally-Made Hunted & Gathered Choc

Local chocolate factory Hunted & Gathered have some pretty delectable flavours including salt and pepper, sesame, macadamia and fennel seed. All organic and free of soy, dairy and gluten. $7.50 a bar.    

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Snow Peak Giga Camping Stove

Boils a litre of water in a little under five minutes, and won a Backpacker magazine editor’s award. No more faffing around building a fire before you can get your coffee fix whilst camping. From $39.95

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A Print of 10 Beers

Limited edition poster of beer by Melbourne artist Alison Turnbull. $90      

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