The Dull Men’s Club

Sunday December 03, 2017 Written by suzi

Members of the Dull Men’s Club regard themselves as “dull but not boring”. They delight in a shared curiosity for the stuff of life that’s usually overlooked and ignored. In the film above, one member is excited by discovering new roundabouts, another by finding discarded bricks. The Dull Men’s Club is a kind of sanctuary in cyberspace where fellas can hang out and covet the commonplace and the unconventional. There are various subsets within the Dull Men’s Club, including the Biscuit Appreciation Society, the Traffic Cone Preservation Society and the Apostrophe Protection Society.

Oh, and they also have a Dull Man of the Year competition. One of the nominees last year was a retired postman who travels around photographing post boxes. “It takes me to places I would not normally visit,” he explains in the film. There are 115,000 post boxes in UK. So far he reckons he’s photographed around 2,500.

“One of my dear wife’s interests in following a musical show around the country. We’ve actually seen it over 80 times now in 40 different theatres and we’ve stayed in many hotels and one of the advantages of that is that there will be a post box near the hotel.”

He’s also managed to gain access to a national database of box locations, which he has entered into his GPS so that it sets off an alarm whenever he’s near a post box. “I never leave home without it.”

When asked in the film whether the Dull Men’s Club is a movement, one of its founding members is clear: “No. It’s not a movement. We like to stay put.”

Image and film: Screen 3 Productions