Has Vegemite Finally Hit its Gastronomical Stride?

Sunday November 26, 2017 Written by amy

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Vegemite is as Australian as Steve Irwin’s stubbies (RIP). Every morning we Aussies smear slices of toast with the yeasty black tar and gobble it down, much to the disgust of pretty much everyone else on the planet, and probably beyond.

But maybe the salty tides are turning? Chefs are starting to experiment with our beloved paste. The David Copperfield of gastronomy, Heston Blumenthal, has conjured up a Vegemite ice cream for his Melbourne restaurant. It rests on a crumble of sourdough, cacao nibs, puffed spelt and macadamia, with some ganache for panache, and is finished with caramel poured from the iconic jar. Yuck? Yum? Sacrilege? We’re not sure.

Hong Kong’s “Demon Chef” Alvin Leung, holder of three Michelin stars, serves up a devilish wagyu striploin with Vegemite and black truffles. Make it at home, if you’re on a budget.

British chef Jack Stein, son of TV-famous Rick, has created this recipe for blue swimmer crab with Vegemite. Or if you’re more into desserts, how about Adriano Zumbo’s coconut and Vegemite macarons?

The dulcet duchess of delectables, Nigella Lawson, gives us a mite-y twist on a traditional spaghetti dish, sure to make nonna turn in her grave.

But to be honest, we like our Vegemite as nature intended, on a nice bit of toast. You can’t improve on perfection.