Raclette: French for Get-In-My-Belly

Monday October 23, 2017 Written by amy

Switzerland has all the best things: chocolate, cuckoo clocks, nifty multi-tools… and fondue’s sexier cousin, raclette. Watch the film. It's weirdly hypnotic. Raclette is a semi-firm cow’s cheese that's melted and poured over other foods. It comes from the French word “racler” – to scrape. Swiss shepherds used to slice off hunks of the cheese and roast the bejeezus out of it over a fire till it was bubbly, then they’d scrape the melty ooze onto a veritable Alp of potatoes. But you don't have to be a sheep supervisor to make your very own waterfall of hot cheese at home. All you need is a frypan or grill. It's usually served with the holy trinity of potatoes, pickles and sliced meat, as per this delicious recipe of raclette with smoked bacon, but let’s be honest, you can scrape hot melted cheese onto almost anything and it’s going to be a winner. You can also raclette yourself a fancy schmancy toastie.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can buy raclette by the wheel, so invite your buddies over and you can all descend into a cheese coma together. Or else just put on a cheesy film, bake yourself some spuds, bubble up that fromage wheel and set the table for one. No judgment from us; those Swiss shepherds never shared their raclette with anyone.  

Video: Raclette NYC