Smith’s 2017 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Friday August 25, 2017 Written by Smith

Attention, children of men: it’s just over a week until Father’s Day. Here are some gift ideas to help secure your favourite child status for another year (and show dad you care, of course).

Father's Day gift guide

(Clockwise from top left)

1. Sydney store Erstwhile sells reproductions of antique maps. Not only do they look great hung up on a wall, but dad can spend hours correcting their outdated place names.

2. Made with whisky, molasses, honey, chipotles and a bunch of other cholesterol-raising ingredients, this extra-hot BBQ sauce from Melbourne Hot Sauce is a great addition to Sunday lunch. Or dinner. Or breakfast.

3. Socks addmitedly aren't the most exciting gift, but every shoe-wearer knows good socks are hard to find. These ones from Aussie brand Lafitte are made from high-quality cotton, and sport a nice pattern to boot.

4. No matter how practical dad is, everyone misplaces their keys from time to time. (Particularly when their children keep borrowing them.) This key ring is a godsend. Simply whistle (something dads are generally good at) and it will beep right back at you. Music to dad’s ears.

5. These hand-blown tumblers from Denver & Liely are designed to enhance your whisky-tasting experience. The wide base maximises the drink’s surface area, and funnels the aromas directly into your nose. Better still: they look nice, too.

6. Jerky’s experiencing a bit of a renaissance at the moment. Despite what the name implies, this one from Tiger Buck is made from 100 per cent Australian beef, and contains traces of smoky BBQ. 

7. This Japanese-made Walnut Puzzle is as difficult to put together as it is nice to look at. It will spruik up dad’s desk, and give him something to do when he’s bored at work.

8. No one is going to buy themselves an $109, Australian-designed, Turkish-made towel. That’s what gift-buying holidays are for.

9. Plunger coffee can be great coffee. Especially when made using this vacuum-insulated, double-filtered Espro plunger. It’s made from high-grade stainless steel, so won’t look out of place in the shed with the power tools.  

Father's Day gift guide

(Clockwise from top left)

1. Not only will a gold prospecting license get your old man out of the house, it will also bring him untold riches (maybe). Each state and territory has its own license, so do a little light googling. For those on a budget, simply tie some twigs together and go water divining.

2. Dads love squeezing value out of things. They’re generally less into squeezing toothpaste out of the tube, which is where this Tube Wringer comes in. Glue, paint, toothpaste: this will extract the last drop out of every tube-based product you can name.

3. Some people reckon it’s bad luck to gift a knife. To those people we say, this isn’t a knife – it’s a Barebones Ultimate Tool. Perfect for measuring, sawing and hammering stuff. Not bad at cutting things, either. 

4. When the hair runs thin, it’s time to call for backup. This beanie from Aussie brand Fallen Broken Street will keep dad’s noggin warm.

5. The great thing about this model plane from New Zealand’s Wingnut Wings is all the trivia you get to impart while your dad builds it. Did he know the Dh.9a bomber sported a Rolls Royce engine? Or that Wingnut Wings is owned by Peter Jackson, director of Lord of the Rings? All true.

6. Buying your dad an axolotl is a bold move, but you can rest assured no one else is going to get him one. They’re easy to care for, and can live for up to 20 years, meaning dad and his pet can grow old together.

7. Halfway between the sundial and the clock app on your dad’s smartphone, this silver ash timber clock from Adelaide designer Daniel Guest is the optimum mix of aesthetics and practicality.

8. This portable wood-burning stove is great for camping. It runs off kindling, so no more trips to refill the gas canister. Sausages not included.

9. Call us biased, but we reckon getting 12 months’ worth of Smith – delivered to your old man’s door and for under $50 – is a pretty good gift. Better still, dad might even let you read it once he’s done.