The Grim, ‘Mad Max’-Style Cars of ISIS

Saturday August 26, 2017 Written by Ronan

Apocalyptic times and makeshift vehicles go hand in hand. This was true in the Mad Max franchise, and it’s true in Iraq, where terrorist proto-state ISIS has Frankensteined hundreds of regular vehicles into something far more lethal.

Though ISIS’s off-the-shelf vehicle of choice is still the Toyota Hilux or Landcruiser (much to the chagrin of their manufacturers), when these are not available, the terrorists turn to modifying lesser models.

Weaponised hatchbacks feature prominently, as do trucks with tanks hidden inside them. Destined for grim fates as suicide or combat vehicles, each has been stripped of its superfluous parts and decked out with improvised rocket launchers and heavy armour plating.

The Iraqi Federal Police in Mosul recently held an outdoor exhibition showcasing captured ISIS vehicles. You can see the full photo series over at the Iran Front Page News.