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Comedian Ben McLeay asks: does choosing to live by yourself makes you a loner, or just very sane?

Pelle Cass creates the world's most hectic sports games. 

This beef broth is older than VHS, ‘Jaws’ and Angelina Jolie.

He burned his last pair of jeans when he was 14 and never looked back.

We know it doesn’t sound exciting. But trust us: it’s exciting.

Volume 31 is Out Now

Monday June 03, 2019

Grab your government issue water ration and slip on your gas mask: Smith Journal volume 31 is going underground.

Thirsty? This astrophysicist-turned-brewer steps us through the tasty, intoxicating science of making beer from wildflowers.

Yes, this is all just an elaborate ruse to help you justify studying superheroes, zombies, pizzas, surfing and maple syrup.

Few cities do winter quite like Hobart. Here’s our guide to hitting the Apple Isle while it’s cold out.

Good news, everyone: we’re on the hunt for a branded content director to fill a 12-month maternity leave position. If you’re an ideas machine with boss-level editing and writing skills, we want to hear from you.

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