The Lucky Peach Guide to Regional Ramen

Saturday January 31, 2015 Written by Kane


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You may know Lucky Peach, the quarterly journal of food writing published since 2011. It's both respectful of culinary tradition and quite happy to ignore those traditions when the desire strikes. A spirit it owes to iconoclastic founders Peter Meehan (New York Times) and David Chang (Momofuku). It has rapidly become a cult publication and now, finally, has a proper website.

In homage to the theme of their first issue, it’s currently resplendent with all manner of stories and recipes concerning ramen and ramen-adjacent ideas. Like Harold McGee, author of the definitive On Food and Cooking, giving the final word on MSG. Or an instructional on ramen-ising pasta and rice using the magic of alkalinity. This guide to the regional ramen of Japan is an exhaustive highlight.