Sunday Reading: Cluetopia

Sunday Reading: Cluetopia

Sunday October 20, 2013 Written by Rick

A regular contributor to Smith, we've considered approaching David Astle about being the patron saint of our little magazine. An unashamed nerd, the man plays with words the way Michael Jordan used to handle a basketball.

No one can really compete. When he's not writing his weekly newspaper column, "Wordplay", he's usually building crosswords, so it makes sense that his latest book is focused on the 100-year history of the popular puzzle.

Cluetopia: The story of 100 years of the crossword explores it all: how the crossword started, how it has evolved, and all the strange and fascinating facts and anecdotes surrounding it over the last century. A few highlights include: a crossword made by a World War II code breaker, who went onto suffer Alzheimer's and never reveal the answer to one of his clues; 3D crosswords; how a crossword was used to solve a child's murder in East Germany; and crosswords for the blind. Get down (or across) to any decent bookshop right now and you'll find it in the hobby section.

Cluetopia is published by Allen & Unwin and available in good bookstores from October 23. We have three copies to give away thanks to DA and his publishers. Simply send your name and address to to enter.