A brief history of popcorn

Friday October 18, 2013

Popcorn may be a modern day movie staple, but for years those wanting to eat the buttery yellow stuff while watching the latest Marx Brothers caper had to sneak it in.

Tour of Duty (box set giveaway)

Friday October 04, 2013

War. Huh. Good god y'all. What is it good for? Well, it's pretty great fodder for TV shows, if you like a modicum of ultra-violence, a smattering of nihilism and a script featuring an uncomfortably high number of 'gook' references per episode. 

The History of Pneumatic Tubes

Wednesday October 02, 2013

They're the remnants of a future past, shooting cash around tired supermarkets. But pneumatic tubes were once the forefront of technology; the internet of their day. And there were even bigger plans for them...

Sunday Reading: Lapham’s Quarterly

Sunday September 29, 2013

Based on the notion that history should be the basis of all education, each volume of Lapham's Quarterly focuses on a modern issue by looking to the ideas of the past.

History of Tomato Sauce

Thursday September 12, 2013

Tomato sauce. It's dependable, versatile and maybe a little bland. But look under the cap and you'll find 500 years of history featuring death, lies and fermented anchovies.

Happy Birthday Hip-Hop

Friday August 30, 2013

Hip-hop turned 40 this month. There’s no birth certificate, but according to the scholars it all began at 9pm on August 11, 1973, at a ‘back to school’ party in the Bronx.

Classic Cars: Citroën DS

Tuesday August 27, 2013

There's a joke about hell being Swiss lovers and British chefs and French mechanics. It's all very racially sensitive and hilarious, but it doesn't take into account the Citroen DS – a truly classic piece of French motoring history.

The History Of Meth

Wednesday August 07, 2013

Breaking Bad is about to draw to a close in an explosion of high-powered firearms and crystal meth. Let's take this opportunity to have a quiet look at the history of methamphetamine.

A Class Divided

Friday August 02, 2013

Miss Elliott's classes resonate long after school is done. When one of her students came to school on April 5, 1968, and asked 'why that King was murdered', the third grade teacher changed her lesson plan... 

Leeds in the '70s

Wednesday July 31, 2013

Once one of the manufacturing capitals of the United Kingdom, by the 1970s Leeds was a city in decline. Industry had fled overseas and the city's transition towards a more bohemian existence was still decades away.