From the skate rinks of California to the halls of Ridgemont High, we take a look back at the slacker shoe that could. 

War. (Huh. Good god.) What is it good for? According to the publishers of this WWI-era book, teaching kids the alphabet.

Forget blacksmithing and candlemaking: if you're feeling nostalgic for trades of the past, consider the life of the professional rat-catcher. 

The Day Niagara Falls Ran Dry

Tuesday June 20, 2017

In 1969, Niagara Falls ran dry for the first time in 12,000 years. These photos show just how awe-inspiring the waterless Falls must have been.

The story of how WWI-era Britain tried to camouflage its warships – not by blending them into the background, but turning them into surreal works of art. 

Slayings, "misadventure" and murderous clerks: welcome to death, medieval-style. 

Bukowski delivered mail, Stephen King cleaned schools and Jack Kerouac washed dishes. 

Stonehenge isn’t the only weird rock formation littering the English countryside. Known as “sound mirrors”, these concrete structures once played an important part in Britain’s air defence.

Blood, sea snails and a whole lot of urine went into some of your favourite paintings. This brief history of colour explores the strange alchemy of paint making.

Historians say there should be a lot more shipwrecks on the bottom of the ocean than there currently are. So who, or what, is taking them?