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Prime your PayPal accounts: someone in Queensland is selling an honest-to-god tank on the internet.

Sometimes the most insidious propaganda is the fun stuff.

Watch this touching tribute to the late André Cassagnes, inventor of the Etch A Sketch, animated on the device itself.

The Black Hole of Los Alamos

Wednesday April 19, 2017

Nuclear waste is something most people go out of their way to avoid, but for 40 years "Atomic Ed" and his military surplus store couldn’t get enough of it. 

From Dickens’ mahogany slab to Melville’s portable lapboard, here are eight desks writers penned their masterpieces on – and that you could have bought if you'd had the money.

In a forest just two hours out of Paris, a team of builders and archeologists is building a medieval castle from scratch, using 800-year-old methods.

Put away that straight razor: these lumberjacks will show you a thing or two about shaving.

Watch 60,000 newspapers flash before your very eyes in this mesmerising time-lapse.

Ever wondered what The Beatles would have sounded like if they'd come from the USSR rather than the freewheeling West? Quite odd, it turns out.

How silent-era Hollywood enchanted their audiences, with nary a computer to help them.