The DIY Spitfire Repairman

Saturday January 04, 2020 Written by Genevieve

Spitfire repair

Peter Arnold is a man with a singular passion. Beneath his unassuming appearance lies the heart and mind of a master aircraft restorer. And his craft of choice? The Spitfire.

For those who need a little refresher, the Spitfire was the star player of the British RAF during WWII. Prized for their speed and manoeuvrability, the sleek, no-nonsense planes still manage to induce flutters in the hearts of historians and collectors the world over. But Spitfires are also notoriously difficult to restore, and these days there are only a handful of people truly qualified to take on the task.

Which is why someone like Peter Arnold is in high demand. The so-called “Spitfire historian” spends his time traveling around the world to visit wrecks that need identifying and restoring. He’s so committed to giving these machines the love and care they need that he even tends to some of them in his own suburban driveway.

Spitfire repair

Got a relic from aviation’s golden days that needs restoring? Drop Peter a line, or keep abreast of the latest Spitfire news on this forum.