Ye Olde Tricks for Living

Sunday April 28, 2019 Written by Ronan

How did people pass on the cool tricks they'd learnt for overcoming the daily hurdles of life before the internet? Well, according to this post from Mental Floss, so-called 'life hacks' used to be passed down through charmingly illustrated cards included in packs of Gallaher’s cigarettes.

Like all of its former customers, Gallaher’s cigarettes is now dead and buried. But thanks to some meticulous archiving, their tips live on. Admittedly some seem a little ineffectual by today's standards (see: 'saving' someone from being electrocuted), or just plain odd (we're not sure why you'd want to bury your eggs in salt). But others, like creating a suction cup out of a jar to remove a splinter, actually look like quite useful. Cab any splinter-afflicted readers let us know if it works? 

The collection is drawn from the New York Public Library’s staggeringly large collection of cigarette cards, which you can enjoy without taking up the habit. Now that’s a good trick.